Video Scrapbook


If you've never been to The Sweetest Little Thing, or if you have and you want to relive the memories, here is a little video-sampling of the past few years — fancy dress, feverish bidding, cakewalk and all!

2019 Jingle by Obediah Anderson & Dashiel Edson

2018 Jingle by Cosmic Goop Machine

2017 Jingle by Very And The Topsons

2016 Jingle by GLAM BATS

2015 Jingle by Kappa Chow

2014 Jingle by Lucas Hicks

2013 Jingle by Lucas Hicks

2012 Jingle by Construction & Destruction

2011 Jingle by Corey Isenor

2010 Jingle by Corey Isenor

2009 Jingle by Corey Isenor

2008 Jingle by Corey Isenor